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Dreamforce is a powerhouse of activity where all the Salesforce enthusiasts come together to make the world a better place in their own way. Each and every person has a reason of their own. We are simply sharing ours.


Keynote, product keynote, industry keynote, dreamtalk, breakout, theatre, circles of success, workshops and “activity” (as if the rest were not.. activity). Dreamforce guys have gone all out. If you are looking at listening to some amazing folks and learn something, this is the place. They are making the point get across with waves of creativity. Every single brand and person participating in it is going to bringing their A game. Choose your channel and enjoy.


There is a topic, there is a mode of communication. But the people delivering it? WOW. Mark Benioff, Al Gore, Jane Moran, Emily Chang, Sandra Ro, James Manyika, Dr. Kai Fu Lee… The list is incredible. The submissions are mind blowing. The sheer energy surrounding this topic is immense. It’s hard not to be inspired.


Everyone is riding the wave. These are the guys who redefined the term Customer Relationship Management. And if you are even vaguely familiar with the core software, a lot of it depends on Networking. The who’s who of the industry, the trailblazers, the gurus. They are going to be there. Keep your wits about and network it out! You never know who is just around the corner. Your next client, your next boss or your next spiritual guru. Who knows. Be ready to be social.


There are conferences. And then there are CONFERENCES! Dreamforce falls into category two. They realigned the term “Trailblazers” to suit them. They are the originals. They have this thing called DreamFest. Last years performers were U2, Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder.. and the likes. It’s a freaking dance off. It’s so much fun, that it’s criminal to call the Dreamforce “work”. Sorry, you were saying?


There are few places where intelligence and love for all things tech is celebrated. Big Bang Theory and Dreamforce. We are still waiting on the invitation from BBT folks for our team to move in. But Dreamforce, it’s the one place where it all happens and you are raised up to the pinnacle for your tech savviness. Who cares if you are not Elon Musk, Trailblazers have earth defying tales of their own. Our own team members have some folks they are psyched to meet, we will talk about those chronicles in a bit.


The whole concept of Salesforce is around connectivity, With their CRM module they are connecting the customers with the sales team and CRM teams, with the marketing cloud they have taken this connectivity to whole new heights with the cloud based models. With Einstein and more, they are connecting the decision makers with data. What”s next? What’s brewing at the hot house of connectivity and technology? There is only one way to find out.


The best of all reasons? We are SUPER EXCITED to meet you and we are there. How about that?! So, when you walk by our booth in Dreamforce, simply walk in and say hi. Every one of you will make our day!


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